Thursday, July 3, 2014

DamNation On Demand

For those who cannot make a film festival or show up to a showing at your local fly shop, click the link below to watch this great documentary at home. 

DamNation OnDemand - Vimeo

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Kinky Banger

I am not an innovative fly tyer by any means.  I steal ideas from great tying minds to fit what I am trying get a fly to look like.  I wrote a bit about this here.

The past couple years I have been trying to fix the one thing I dislike about the majority of poppers / sliders used for salmon in the Pacific Northwest.  These patterns work exceptionally well and myself and others have caught loads of salmon on this style of stinger hooked surface pattern.  The problem I have is that I just don't like the aesthetic of these phallically shaped flies.

I have been looking for a way to tie salmon popper patterns with a more realistic taper from head to  tail.  I was wasting time on the computer the other day and found a step-by-step guide for Jonny King's Kinky Muddler.  The way the body was constructed I knew that I had found an idea to fix a problem only I have.

I used a Dremel to create some space on the backside of the foam cylinder to allow a smooth transition from popper head to the SF Blend body and I think this will be a success when it comes to Neah Bay coho this August.

I present the Kinky Banger.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The One

I've been busy tying clousers getting ready for a visit to Neah Bay in August.  I needed another white bucktail after picking the one on my bench clean.  I reached into the bin of hair and pulled out one of the finest bucktails I have had the pleasure to work with.  Crinkly, long, and amazingly soft.

I returned to the vise and started tying.  I grabbed the new bucktail with scissors in hand and hesitated.  I looked at this bucktail and wondered if it was too nice to use for clousers.  Should I save it for something more deserving?  Maybe something larger than #2 clousers?  It seemed like a waste not to take advantage of its full length.

When I couldn't actually come up with an actual pattern I would tie with it I squeezed the scissors and cut the first pencil sized clump of hair off.

I believe clousers are good enough.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Rivers of a Lost Coast

Watched this fly fishing documentary awhile ago and it is worth watching.  I am in the process of watching it a second time.  Truly a great film about the loss of what seemed inexhaustible at the time.

Click the link below to watch it.

Rivers of a Lost Coast

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Fishing is Great... In My Head

Took the Bote board out the other morning to practice paddling.  The Gulf was calm and I was surprised with the clarity of the water after all of the wind the day before.

After about thirty minutes of paddling up and down the beach I noticed some bait jumping out of the water.  I paddled over to take a look.  I could see the bait and then I noticed a large mass of fish below.  It was a school of large jacks just cruising around the bait.  I stood motionless as the jacks swam circles underneath the board.  I could only watch as I did not have a fishing rod onboard.  I did imagine casting a clouser towards the school and watching the aggressive jacks fight to see which one could eat it first. 

Hopefully we will get some light winds over the next few days and I can try to create some real fishing memories.  I may flub my casts and miss shots at the next pod of jacks or cruising snook but it'll be better than just standing there watching.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Lure

Ever since I sold my boat last summer before moving from Washington to Florida the siren song of owning another vessel has been a weight on my shoulders.  That is no longer the case.

Last weekend I had a three hour drive to a marathon on the East Coast of Florida and was hot to trot as I saw the boat of my dreams listed on craigslist.  It was within my price range and had the exact outboard I wanted (Honda).  Over the long stretches of pavement I kept thinking about the launching, storage, maintenance, and other associated issues of boat ownership.  These thoughts became a major buzz-kill to thoughts of the wind in my hair and being able to fish almost anywhere.  It was a heavyweight fight between the reality of ownership and the dream of boat ownership.

Reality won as thoughts from my past came flooding back.  I started remembering how much I enjoyed fishing from a kayak back in the Pacific Northwest.  I even wrote about the limitations of kayak fishing back in August of 2011 here.  I came to the decision that I was happiest when I was the horsepower.  I had already sold my kayak so I needed a new fishing platform.  There are differences between saltwater fly fishing in the Northwest and Florida so I decided on a Stand up Paddleboard.

My new boat is a Bote SUP and I cannot wait for the winds to die down a bit to test it out.  I have a ton of learning to do but I look forward to the higher casting position a SUP gives.

Here's to a summer of adventure and here's a little video of the board I just purchased.

BOTE HD 12'6" Stand-up Paddle Paddle Board from BOTE Board on Vimeo.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Even Less Of An Excuse....

To bucktail this summer.

Huge Columbia River Coho Run

Almost a million fish forecast to return to just the Columbia River.  These runs are the main driver for the Neah Bay coho fly fishery, and these numbers should offer amazing numbers of fish not only offshore but right at the entrance.