Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Fishing is Great... In My Head

Took the Bote board out the other morning to practice paddling.  The Gulf was calm and I was surprised with the clarity of the water after all of the wind the day before.

After about thirty minutes of paddling up and down the beach I noticed some bait jumping out of the water.  I paddled over to take a look.  I could see the bait and then I noticed a large mass of fish below.  It was a school of large jacks just cruising around the bait.  I stood motionless as the jacks swam circles underneath the board.  I could only watch as I did not have a fishing rod onboard.  I did imagine casting a clouser towards the school and watching the aggressive jacks fight to see which one could eat it first. 

Hopefully we will get some light winds over the next few days and I can try to create some real fishing memories.  I may flub my casts and miss shots at the next pod of jacks or cruising snook but it'll be better than just standing there watching.

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