Friday, December 11, 2009

The Frigid Dusk

Just returned from my first trip back to the rainforest since last February.  I always feel refreshed after spending a day fishing these beautiful wild rivers.  I am a huge fan of the National Park system as well which only adds to the joy of being in such a place. 

I arrived the night before and decided to see if there would be any space available in a coastal campground.  Luckily for me, there was a spot or two to choose from.  The truth is that I don't think any one else was there.  The cold temperatures seemed to keep everyone away.  I backed into the spot and built a fire and enjoyed some dinner.

The sounds of the surf were soothing as I watched the sun slowly set over the clouds sitting offshore.

I enjoyed the view and as the skies darkened the stars came out.  The milky way seemed to dive from the heavens into the pounding surf.  The occasional shooting star grabbed my attention but I knew that it was going to be an early morning so with visions of grabby steelhead dancing in my head I fell asleep to the Pacific's roaring sound machine.

Next.... an even colder dawn.

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