Saturday, April 17, 2010


The wife and I decided to check out the coastal cleanup happening today along the Washington Coast.  Their site is Coast Savers.

I've spent some time hiking the coastal beaches in the past and must have had blinders on.  I cannot believe the amount of garbage we were able to pick up in a short time.  Tons of rope, plastic bottles, fishing floats, tires, tuna cans, and miscellaneous junk all along our beaches.  I wish I could say this was an urban beach where the garbage came from local residents or industry, but this was a beach along between the Hoh and Queets Rivers in Olympic National Park.  Shocking that there's so much garbage on the beaches, but just as shocking is where it's coming from... our oceans and our consumption of plastic crap.  We've been working on reducing our plastic consumption before this cleanup and will work even harder now.

I'm ashamed at my past obliviousness towards the garbage on the beach.  Look forward to next year's cleanup along with carrying my own bag to pick up items whenever I get back out there.

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