Friday, December 31, 2010

The year in review....

2010 was a great year. 

The year started with a big move back to Washington State.  The job situation didn't work out as expected, but being able to deal with unexpected issues and make changes is just part of life. 

Summer was a blast.  Lots of hiking and exploring.  Checked out two fisheries I had always wanted to fish when I lived here previously.  The true lesson is do not put off taking advantage of opportunities, and I know that I will strap on the pack and hit both of those fisheries again next summer.  One highlight of the summer was one of the most visual skating dry fly takes I have ever seen.  I can still picture the fly skating two feet in front of the exposed boulder and the fish coming up and exploding on the fly.

Summer also brought a couple trips back to the great big blue, the Pacific Ocean off of Neah Bay.  This past summer wasn't the best year for salmon off the coast, but a good time was had and a few fish were caught.  Next year I hope the silver runs increase and I can get out there and chase some on the cast fly.

This past year also marked my first serious attempt at gardening.  There were successes and failures, but it is amazing how much quality food one can grow in a small residential lot.  We were frankly getting a little tired of green beans, potatoes, and summer squash.  Hopefully, this upcoming summer gives us a normal June and September weather wise.

I'm looking forward to 2011.  I have a couple more trips to places I have always wanted to fish, along with more exploring of places I started learning last spring and summer. 

Also for 2011, I hope we can all make time to send letters and attend meetings to speak for wild fish.  I know I struggle to find the time, as it's easier to focus on fishing and life and ignore the fight that often seems as useful as pounding your head against the wall but wild fish are still just hanging on.  It reminds me of one of my best days this past summer.  I hooked four and landed two beautiful wild steelhead in about an hour and a half of fishing time.  Going by fishing results, I was fishing over a huge run of steelhead.  But this river now has a run of wild summer runs that might be 100 fish.  I'll remind myself of that every time I hear people talk about great fishing.  The trend is still going down, no matter how hard so many seem to be working at catching the last one.

Happy New Year!

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