Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moratorium No More

Article in the local paper about the WDFW Commission allowing fishing in Lake Sutherland during the five year moratorium for the Elwha Dam Removal.

Limited Fishing to be Allowed

My favorite quote is this:
"This is exactly how it should work. [Fish and Wildlife] had a proposal, the public didn't like that, they spoke up, they were listened to, and the agency compromised."

Is that really how it should work?  The Commission should compromise when it comes to protecting and restoring wild fish?  Public pressure should decide policy issues?

What bothers me the most is that the non-tribal fishermen are the only ones now not agreeing to the fishing moratorium.  Seems pretty short sighted for such a massive and important fish restoration project.  Hundreds of millions of dollars being spent and we cannot make a small sacrifice to not fish for kokanee on the only potential sockeye nursery in the watershed.

On the blog of one of the main opponents of the moratorium this quote disturbs me.
"It should be made clear that out of all the parties concerned, recreational fishers are the only ones who have not agreed to the full moratorium.  Our voices coming together gave us great power."

It almost makes me question fighting to save our wild fisheries when so many seem to care so little.  I bet these same people are the first to blame others for declines in fisheries.  They need to spend some time looking here.

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