Monday, March 21, 2011

How things have changed

I got a chance to read a recent article in the Tacoma paper about "fly fishing" for steelhead on the Olympic Peninsula.

Link to TNT Article

Here are some quotes.

"I could see it was a steelhead, bringing a smile to my face. I also noticed something amiss – I had foul hooked the fish in the tail. That explained why the fairly small fish was putting up such a fight....I was now 0-for-2."

"Fancy flies aren’t always necessary to catch steelhead. A plastic bead and a bare hook often do just as well."

You decide whether this type of article is good for steelhead, the pressure on the West End rivers, or gives an accurate picture of fly fishing for winter steelhead.

1 comment:

  1. thats what happens when carpetbaggers market a fishery to death. doesn't help that the few fly fishers who have been on the coast forever like to keep a low profile and weren't about to run around advertising the quality of fishing before the cheese moved in. Now you've got every dude this side of bozeman claiming he's got the special bobber stank. its enough to make a man crazy.