Friday, May 27, 2011

Option 1 Please

Another meeting about the Snider Creek guide welfare (hatchery broodstock) program on the Sol Duc.

WDFW Snider Creek Link

At least this time they will have a meeting outside of Forks.  Let's make the Sol Duc (home of Washington State's most robust wild steelhead run) a wild steelhead sanctuary.

I cannot help but think these extra sets of meetings are just a ruse to renew this welfare program.


  1. the fact that they're even considering designating the Sol Duc a wild only river and discontinuing Snider is a great thing. In many instances I think WDFW wants to do the right thing but political opposition makes it difficult. Lets make sure they hear from the angling community that we support wild only rivers and that we wont tolerate Snider and its guide welfare harvest program.

  2. thanks for the optimistic thought. i tend to get a bit jaded sometimes.

    this is a good thing and we must make sure it happens.