Friday, February 3, 2012


I have issues with most things fishing.  This blog has not always been the cheeriest place on the fishing internet.  I probably should spend far less time (closer to zero would likely be best) reading crap on the internet since the vast majority of what I see bugs me.

I am going to attempt something never before done on this blog, and that is to stay positive on this tiny speck on the internet.  From this point on I will be focusing on what I like and not on the things I dislike.  There will be a dramatic decline in content since I will not be focusing on things I despise, such as...

- Guides who give nothing back to the rivers and fish besides over-hyped blog posts and detailed, exaggerated fishing reports.
- Blogs which have serious man crushes on the guides mentioned above and promote them every chance they get.
- Blog stickers - Seriously?!?!?!?!?
- Detailed internet fishing reports.  Do you really think naming less fished streams helps anything but your ego and small dick?  Even worse are when the kiss-and-tell reporters make it clear from their lack of knowledge that they have spent less time on the coastal stream than a tarpon.
- The idea that rivers need more friends.  This is related to detailed internet fishing reports as this argument is always given for kiss-and-tell fishing reports.  One can count the numbers of fish runs saved by overcrowding with one closed fist.
- Calling techniques fly fishing that clearly are not.  This is specifically related to bucktailing in the saltwater.  Trolling is trolling.  People fish flies off downriggers... is that now considered fly fishing?  My recent conversion to positivity prevents me from even mentioning b#$%s and b@#%#$s.
- Fishing on TV.  I have been living at a place with cable for the past few months and have been fascinated by the fact that all fishing shows are seemingly hosted by good ol' boys with unintelligible southern accents.
- Signature Fly Tyers - Fly tying creativity is not putting a trailer hook on a well known pattern

Whew... I feel exorcised.  The demons are gone.  Pure Positive Attitude from here on..... I hope.


  1. haha, unfortunately the negative aspects of fly fishing are all to prevalent and because the advocates of such bullshit are inherently predisposed to drawing attention to themselves, they are over represented in the philosophical and ethical discussion around our sport. rest assured though my friend, many of us are laboring silently, enjoying our fishing time and advocating for wild fish without feeling the need to place our selves or our beloved home waters in the lime light. so long as there is an internet and there is human nature these problems will remain, I've found the best strategy is to simply tune it all out.

  2. Ha! Chris, I think you should write a post taking on the persona of those that you described and despise. That would be pure hilarity and I know you've slid into those roles before. Anyway, great post and I hope you're just being sarcastic...