Thursday, April 5, 2012

One of those days

This morning I arrived at the lake, payed the daily state park fee, and started getting rigged up.  As I opened the Water Master bag an image immediately formed in my head.  I could vividly picture the two oars leaned in the corner of the hall closet thirty minutes away.  I quickly jumped back in the truck and headed back home for the oars. 

After picking up the oars and hitting the gas station I was back en-route to the lake.  I pulled back into the parking area and started getting everything rigged up.  I walked the boat to the waters edge and the moment the rubber hit water the wind went from zero to twenty.  I stood for a second trying to make a decision on whether to deal with the wind or head back home again.  The seven dollar state park fee loomed large and I decided to head into the whitecaps.

While it is always good to spend some time on the water, this morning was not full of good decision making.  I arrived back home and told my wife about the wind.  All she said was ,"That is what the forecast was saying."  Looks like I might want to check the forecast next time.

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