Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fishing Investment

Local article about Peninsula residents opposing the fishing moratorium on Lake Sutherland, which feeds into the Elwha River.

PDN Article

In the comment section is this quote:
"We pay for stocks and management through our liscenses and deserve a return on our investment."

This is the attitude that seems to flow through the veins of a large part of the Northwest fishing community, that paying for a fishing license is an investment in food for the table.  It's a "what's in it for me attitude" that just boils my blood.  You hear it in practically every meeting involving fisheries, the idea that any action must have something in it for me.

If you want to see this attitude in action all you have to do is go to a WDFW meeting.  There's one coming up in Kennewick.

WDFW News Release

If it is anything like the meeting in Aberdeen a while back, this next meeting with the Director should be teeming with the "what's in it for me" attitude.

To be fair, I get a return on my investment in a fishing license.  It just has nothing to do with poundage.

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