Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm a Believer

Beading is the revolution in fly fishing.  We are seeing a total shift in how we should be fly fishing.  It is the next step in the progression of winter steelhead fly fishing.   The best guides now favor these techniques because they put numbers in the boat and that is what matters.

The artisans are using amazing techniques to paint and lacquer plastic beads that rival anything done with feathers, floss, and tinsel by the old masters of fly tying.  The next Syd Glasso will be doing Picasso like work on plastic beads.  I am no longer going to hold on to ancient, unproductive techniques that are just holding my fishing back.  The "tug is the drug" is such nonsense when you can visually see a bobber get buried when a steelhead engulfs your bead.  It's like popper fishing for saltwater species on the river.

I can now dress lighter since I will now spend the majority of my time in a boat drifting instead of standing in the cold water.  Cast, swing, and step is like taking a sleeping pill while drifting beads is like playing an outdoor video game.  More action means less time staring at the scenery trying to make it seem like seeing wildlife and nature is as good as ripping some lips.

While traditionalists moan and groan about low fish numbers and supposed declining runs, the bead bro's came up with solutions.  They don't waste time going to meetings about wild steelhead and the problems they face.  Why deal with that unpleasantness when the simple truth is that traditionalists wouldn't be crying about declining run sizes if they just learned how to fish more effectively, and that's with beads.  The guides I talk to say they catch more fish than 20 years ago, so the idea that there are fewer fish is some enviro-nazi propaganda meant to keep us away from fish killing freedoms enshrined in the US Constitution.  Good fishing means there is no problem and beads equal good fishing.

Of course, the best part is that instead of spending time tying flies and dealing with conservation I can drink more beer and masturbate.


  1. hahahaha. welcome to the indicator revolution!

  2. beads are awesome and extreme...drink mountain dew and fish beads...f*ck yea!...let's make a snowboard-style video about fishing beads...totally gnar brah!

  3. Beads rock... from Brozeman, MT to the Brolympic Peninsula.