Friday, April 8, 2011

Kudos to Oregon Guides

Oregon guides speak out:

Wild Fish Editorial

This is refreshing to see.  Too often those who spend the most time on the water making their living guiding are silent when it comes to conservation issues.  Kudos to these Oregon guides and I know that if I need a guide in Oregon I will be calling one of these conservationist guides.

Hopefully guides in Washington State will see this and realize that speaking up for wild fish is a good thing.  There are very few guides in Washington who stand up for wild fish, especially silent are many of the best known guides.

I will never forget the only fisheries meeting on wild fish that I've seen a large number of guides attend.  That was the meeting on the Snyder Creek broodstock hatchery last year and not one guide spoke out against mining wild fish to create a welfare program for harvest oriented guides.  Not one!

Speaking up for wild fish will not cost you clients. 

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