Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bad Timing...

The alarm clock went off early this morning.  I turned it off and stumbled out of bed.  I shuffled to the computer to check what the wind was doing.  It was blowing fifteen and gusting to twenty so I decided to head back to a warm inviting bed.

After waking up I decided to head out to the water anyways.  Rolled up to the spot and it was glassy calm.

"Perfect," I thought as I rigged up the kayak.  I rolled it to the water and started paddling out to the distant kelp beds.  I arrived in time to see that the bait was still packed into the kelp.  As I approached the start of my first drift it started to rain.  Along with the rain came a stiff breeze.  Both the rain and the wind continued to build.  I tried to fish but the wind and current were pushing the boat way too fast to have any chance of fishing effectively.  The rain started to die down but the wind kept building.

In approximately twenty minutes the wind waves built to around two feet.  I decided to head home knowing that I should have come out earlier in the day.  Next time I'm staying awake.

I guess I didn't learn the lesson from this day.

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