Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alexandra Morton is a Hero

Recent news of a european strain of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) being found in samples of sockeye salmon in British Columbia should be a final wake up call for anyone on the fence regarding the impacts of fish farming.

Of course with any negative news about the fish farming industry we will once again be treated to attacks on wild fish activists such as Alexandra Morton.  We need to stand up and not accept this.  The industry has attempted to attack her for years but she keeps fighting.  What she says has continually been proven to be true time and time again yet many still want to believe that farming fish will somehow help our beleaguered wild fish runs.  We need more people like Alexandra Morton, not less.   

With new farms being proposed close to the mouth of the Elwha River this recent news means we cannot risk giving away our marine waters to corporations who only care about the bottom line.

Links to ISA news

NY Times Article


  1. Hi Chris, Please keep us apprised of any new information on the proposed fish farms at the mouth of the Elwha. It's time for WA to get a statewide ban on open net pen salmon farming.

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