Sunday, October 23, 2011

Deep Wading

Seattle Times Article on Strait of Juan de Fuca Fish Farms

The corporate BS is getting deep on this one.  Just after the discovery of a major disease from farmed salmon in BC this quote from the article jumped out at me.

"Bielka, with Pacific Aquaculture, said he knows the company will face scrutiny, but "the science is behind us 100 percent," he said."

100 percent?  Your aquaculture operations are perfect according to all the available science?

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  1. agreed, or the NOAA aquaculture booster who is quoted saying something like, "alot of the concern is based on old science, we've figured out how to do it right". totally bogus. open net pen fish farms are not how to do it right. We need a statewide ban moratorium on new salmon farms in salt water.