Saturday, January 5, 2013

If Only We Had Taken Their Advice

I know I shouldn't but I cannot help but read the comment section below the stories in our local newspaper.  The comments on any story involving the Elwha Dams are full of insight (comedy gems.) 

Check out the comments to these articles:

Glines Canyon Dam removal on a one-month hold — and sediment amount in former Elwha lakes was underestimated 

Sediment, debris clog equipment at Elwha treatment plant

If only all the scientists and engineers had talked to these commentators there would be no problems.  From knowing about the poor survey in 1917 to building the water treatment plant the true experts are these fine citizens commentators. 

Of course there is a good drinking game to be had from these comments.  You have to take a drink for every misspelling and grammatical error.  You are already drunk at this point but it gets worse.  You have to finish your drink if Al Gore, Benghazi, or any major right-wing story that has nothing to do with fish or the Elwha gets mentioned.

I apologize in advance for the hangover.

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